Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 10 : Sun Moon Lake

drove up to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) in the morning...quite a distance actually from Taichung...was quite nice, but not very impressive i will say...maybe different seasons have a different feeling...walked around before we took a small ride around the lake...then we went to the Snake Kiln Ceramics Cultural Park (蛇窯) at 水里 is a nice place to go for pottery to learn how pottery is done, lots of pottery arts...quite interesting...wanted to make one myself, but didn't do it since i dun wanna to make a mess lol...went back to Taichung and check in my youth hostel...finally farewell to Kevin while he made his way back to 高雄 was really nice of him to take leaves to accompany me for the few days...we talk about lots of stuff, from politics to game to almost to more about each other country's culture and living lifestyle...once again, lots and lots of thanks to Kevin for his time and effort!...hope he enjoyed himself too =) ...i went down Zhongxiao Night Market (忠孝夜市) for dinner...i am really addicted to red tea least drank like 3 of them everyday the night, a army officer joined me in the 3 room dorm...his name was Jackie...he told me the various interesting places to go in Taichung and Taipei...also gained some insights into the army life of Taiwanese...all Taiwanese guy must serve the military for a certain period, pretty much like what is happening in Singapore...saw the news on TV...another typhoon coming towards Taiwan, reaching on Tuesday perhaps...damn...need to reschedule my plan again haha...

muachi making

posing at Sun Moon Lake

view of the lake

nice flowers

higher view of the lake

lucky it didn't fall haha

wood used for burning at the furnace

the front view of the furnace

old tools used for pottery

lol...jap soldiers actually fought in those!!!

front entrance to the furnace


some pottery pieces

side view

i am the 店小二!!!

at the side entrance

it is pretty dark inside

freshly made pottery

a pottery master hard at work

at the garden

honey bees...........eeeeeeeee

my 3 beds room, not bad for a really cheap price

lots of stuff to choose from and cheap too haha

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