Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day 12 : Typhoon Day....

it was already raining heavily in the morning...so couldn't really go out to explore...slack in the room while watching more news of the typhoon and the Middle East crisis...went out in the late afternoon for lunch after the rain stopped...went to a bookstore to take a look at some books...then when i was walking past a shop...someone actually approach me to ask me if i wanna work as a sale personal there lol...but told her i wasn't a local...called to check the transportation status to Nantou (南投) area since i planned to stay 1 night at Hehuan (合歡) recreational area and 1 night at Wuling farm (武陵農場)...and needed to check if buses are still running after the typhoon in case roads might be blocked due to landslides and stuffs...bought some tibits before heading back to the hostel in the evening, luckily just before it started to rain heavily again lol...yeah in Taiwan, they are actually really environment friendly...almost everywhere rubbish bins are classified as both recyclable and normal trash...what more, u actually need to pay a small fee of 1NT to get a plastic carrier at convenient shops!...i also remembered Kevin telling me that people will get fine if they do not separate their household wastes into recyclable and normal thrash...also got myself a jacket to prepare for the cold temperature when i head up to Hehuan mountain and Wuling farm...of cos, more slacking inside the room...=p

me slacking in my room and my messy bed =/

too bored lol...took a picture of myself posing in my new sweater

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