Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 17 : Yangmingshan and KTV

chatted with the Mexican guy in the morning...basically i dun know Spanish and he dun know both of us was like doing strange handsigns trying to understand each other...i think i should pick up some Spanish soon haha...met up with several new friends...Steven from Cananda, Sheung Sheung and Florence from Hong Kong and Betty from South Korea...and so we decided to travel to Yangmingshan (陽明山) together...we stopped by various sights there and they are really scenic...小油坑 is really unique with its strange gas sizzling out from the ground...and 擎天岗 was simply wonderful with the large area of flat grasslands...nice place for taking a nap i thought haha...lying on the grass watching the blue sky is just so relaxing...after that we went back to Ximending for lunch and some window shopping...went to play the popular basketball game that Taiwaneses like to play for watever reason...kinda tiring on the hands u know lol...back to hostel for a rest...watched a show called 40 days and 40 nights at the living room with others...was really a funny show and cracked me up alot...later we met up again and went for KTV at Ximending with a Vietnamese guy Eric joining us...enjoyed ourselves and sang till around 2am...took a walk back to our hostel...chatted with Sheung Sheung and Steven about life back at home before finally ending our tiring day...

Travel Informations
Yang Ming Shan Brochure
Yang Ming Shan Bus 108 Ticket

the naughty cat that woke me and Steven up early in the morning

nice eyes @@

smoking off at 小油坑

free sulfur anyone?

view from near 小油坑


group photo...front from left to right...Betty, Steven and Florence...back Sheung Sheung and me!

jumping for some effects! =p

Betty playing the basketball game haha

finally the raider is asleep ^^"

KTV at Ximending!

me and Florence