Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day 14 : Wuling Farm and back to Taipei...

went out for a early morning stroll in the forest and farms...before i realise it, i was going to be late for my bus to Yilan (宜蘭) from where i will take train back to Taipei...quickly pack up and then begin to walk that damn 5 km to the bus stop...walked about 1km and saw a lorry driving down the same direction...thinking that i might be able to hitchhike, i stopped the lorry and they were kind enough to let me mount the back of the lorry for a free more walking with my heavy backpack haha...the back of the lorry was filled with cabbages...lots of them...probably freshly harvested from their farm...reached the bus stop and thanked them for their wonderful help...met a old couple at the bus stop and chatted with them...realise they are from China and has bought a piece of farm land and build a house here to prepare for their i wish i could be like them when i am old to be able to retire in such a wonderful environment...bus came and took around 2 hrs odd to reach Yilan...another wonderful bus ride thru magnificient mountains sceneries...from there i took the latest train back to Taipei...went back to Taiwanmex Guest House again since i really like it back the same room i lived before i left Taipei that time...but this time, i have the whole 4 person dorm to myself wahahaha...chatted with a Canadian guy in the living room...he is actually my age and has came here to teach english for a fact, many foreigners do come Taiwan to teach english and they do get quite a good salary for just working few hours a day...went to window shop at Taipei and Zhongshan underground mall before hitting Wufenpu and Raohe Night Market again haha...this time i manage to walk till the end of Raohe NM and stuffed myself with lots and lots of foods lol...once again someone asked me if i wanna work at her lol...went back to Taipei Station and exited thru the south entrance...there is actually this little square compound there and there are numerous pillars that glow in different light color...kinda nice...and there are also a few caucasians skateboarding i just sat and watch them perform various stunts while enjoying the mini lightshow...wented back to hostel...a group of people crowded around the living was ladies night and they were going clubbing and ask me along...but i kindly reject since i was really tired and my legs were already hurting from the trekking and walking haha...finally bought my return flight to singapore on 31st July since i needed to do my module bidding then...else i will have stayed longer! =/

strange maple tree whose leaves were still red now...something wrong with its biological clock maybe haha

Wuling bus stop

farmers working hard

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