Monday, July 31, 2006

Day 18 : Farewell to Taiwan

woke up late since i slept really late last night haha...we went to Longshan Temple (龍山寺) together...and then to 鼎泰豐 for there is really delicious...definitely recommend to try the food there for anyone who is heading to Taipei...i bidded farewell with Betty, Sheung Sheung and Steven...since Florence's flight is almost the same time as mine, we will be leaving for the airport together...we went to Yuanshan (圓山) area first to buy some local delights...the 綠豆糕 is delicious...bought a big box home together with another box of 鳳梨酥 for my family...headed back to the hostel...packed up...bidded goodbye with Xu 小姐 and family and took a bus to the airport with Florence...she told me about her India trip before she came to Taiwan...their project is somewat like our YEP in Singapore...her trip sounds really fantastic and i hope i do have a chance to go India too next time hehe...parted with her at the gates and finally back home to Singapore...saw a very nice sunset during the flight back, a somewat fitting picture as i ended my Taiwan tour...

final group photo
ops me munching something in my mouth haha =p

me and Sheung Sheung

Longshan Temple

me with Xu 小姐 and family...her boy is so cute!

yummy 綠豆糕

and 鳳梨酥

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